Child size Burger & Fries at NOK 365

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Child size Burger & Fries at a measly NOK 365

Child size burger with fries offered at hotel in the mountains available for a bargain price of NOK 365 per child.


In the à la carte restaurant “Christian” at Dr. Holms hotel in Geilo, children are tempted by homemade burgers made from tenderloin.

The hotel at Geilo has a reputation of being a high-quality hotel of the fashionable kind, and is very popular during Easter.

In a menu VG was tipped about, it is revealed that the price of child size burgers and fries is NOK 365, compared to less than NOK 100 at a burger shop near you.

Acting hotel director of Dr. Holms at Geilo, Frederik Lindvik, states the following when contacted on Saturday night:

– Our kid’s menu at Restaurant Christian offer three dishes. There is a choice between homemade fish sticks, a homemade 160 gram tenderloin burger and southern style chicken fillet all served with french fries. The Fishs ticks and chicken both cost NOK185, wheras the price of the hamburger is NOK 365.

– That is quite expensive?

– Yes, but it’s an exclusive hamburger, made from tenderloin.

– Are there many children who order hamburger made from beef tenderloin?

– I do not have exact numbers available right now. It’s hard to get hold of people in the kitchen, as they are naturally very busy tonight.

More alternatives to the burger

But then the case suddenly evolves.

Just before 9 pm on Saturday, VG was in contact with the hotel again. Acting hotel director Frederik Lindvik had updated information.

– We have changed the price of the hamburger on the children’s menu to NOK 225 It appears that this happened a couple of weeks ago. This supposedly has been changed in the menus, but not online, he says.

– Why has the price been reduced?

– The feedback we received from parents was that it was not important what kind of meat the kids got in their hamburger. So now we use a different kind of meat in the hamburgers, and the price is reduced to NOK 225.

At 9 pm that very same evening, VG received a snap sent by by SMS. on the menu it was clear that you could choose beef burgers made from tenderloin – at NOK 365.

the Hotel Director explains that an old menu must have been mistakingly left behind.

He reminds hat there are several alternatives to “Christian” in the hotel, including half price for children during Easter in the main restaurant.

– Children dine at half price of adults, who pay NOK 595. That is, children have access to a 4 course dinner at NOK 297, he says.

More expensive than Bølgen & Moi

VG performed a speed survey during the weekend of a few eateries and top notch hotels in the mountains. And it turns out that you must bring along your looking glass to find a similar price for beef hamburgers aimed at children elsewhere.

In a high-class restaurant like Bølgen & Moi in Oslo you can buy a big size beef burger for NOK 215. Add fries, the total will be NOK 264.- The most expensive hamburger we have on the children’s menu? NOK 75 kroner I Believe – including fries, informs the reception at Radission Blue Mountain Resort in Trysil.

– We do not actually have hamburger on the children’s menu.On the adult menu it costs NOK190, bacon, cheese and fries included, they say at the Hovden Resort in Setesdal.

Makes absolutely no sense what so ever

– It seems very sensible to reduce the price and to use another type of meat. Hamburger made from beef tenderloin is completely and utterly meaningless, whether it be for adults or children, says renowned Norwegian chef, Lise Finckenhagen. Anybody with the foggiest idea of cooking will support her in that respect.


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