More expensive to fly Norwegian with new cabin baggage charge

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Passengers who travel with the lowest-priced tickets on Norwegian will now have to pay extra to bring their case into the cabin unless it can fit under the seat in front of them.

The change will likely take effect from February.

Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, Director of Information in Norwegian, tells Nettavisen that the change is a “natural” part of the company’s business model.

“Norway’s business model is based on freedom of choice, and it also forms the basis for the new regulation,” Sandaker-Nielsen told Nettavisen.

“As we said before, we are working on updating our baggage regulations to ensure that all our travellers get as comfortable on a flight as possible and that the planes go on route. The changes we plan to introduce will contribute to this,” he added.

Can pay extra for trolley bag
Sandaker-Nielsen says the changes only apply to trunk cases and do not go beyond other hand luggage. Those who want to carry trolley bags will have to  pay extra.

“Anyone traveling with us can still carry hand luggage, regardless of ticket type. If you only need a bag or bag that can fit under the front seat, choose our very cheapest type of ticket at no additional cost. Those who want to carry a small trolley suitcase that is put in the overhead compartment on board, can pay a little extra for this or choose another ticket type,” explained Sandaker-Nielsen to Nettavisen.

Increase in weight limit for checked-in luggage
Although passengers will now need to pay extra for cabin baggage, Norwegian thinks this is offset by the fact that passengers can now carry more in their checked-in luggage.

“The changes in the regulations also mean that the small luggage all customers can carry is somewhat larger. The weight restriction on checked-in luggage has also increased from 20 to 23 kilos. Customers with flexible tickets can now carry 15 kg instead of 10 kg of luggage.” explained Sandaker-Nielsen.

He said the new rules will be introduced soon but according to Nettavisen, this will mean from February this year. The fee for carrying a trolley case should be around 750 kroner but this has not been confirmed.

“The goal is to introduce the new regulations soon and we naturally want to make sure our customers get the right information ahead of time. Tickets purchased before the change is introduced will not be affected by the changes,” he assured.

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Source: Nettavisen / #Norway Today


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