Full turnaround after customer complaint storm: Here are Norwegian airline new baggage rules

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

Following the customer complaint storm in recent weeks, Norwegian introduces new and smoother luggage rules.

Following a number of complaints and many reports of poor customer handling in connection with baggage control, the airline Norwegian is now taking hold and changing the rules. This is particularly the imposition of a fee of NOK 750 on boarding and a steep practice of the rules many customers have responded to.

In an email to Nettavisen on Friday afternoon, Norwegian communications adviser Tonje Ness writes:

– The comments we have received feedback on lately is not acceptable, and we have now gone through the practice.

That is why they are now making changes:

– The reason we enforce baggage rules is that we want to give our passengers a good and smooth travel experience as possible. Therefore, in order to ensure that the planes are going on time, it is important that everyone follows these rules, Næs writes in the email.

Here are the key changes:

Your coat and duty-free shopping bag now counts towards the total amount of hand luggage you are allowed to carry on board.

With regard to water bottles or other things, it should of course be possible to take out of luggage and leave at the airport if desired.

Passengers traveling together and sharing carry on luggage must have correct weight requirements complied with long before boarding so as not to delay the flight.

Otherwise, the same measurement and weight restrictions on luggage apply as before. The fee of NOK 750 for overweight will not change with the very first, Næs says:

– “When it comes to any changes in the size of the amount, it is something that we are looking into and must come back to later,” says Næs.

Næs announces that the rules will be followed up with the company’s partners and that the changes will be implemented within the next few days.

Source: Nettavisen / Norway Today


6 Comments on "Full turnaround after customer complaint storm: Here are Norwegian airline new baggage rules"

  1. Tonje Ness either are living on a different planet than Earth or just have no absolutely idea about what is talking. Norwegian marches towards own doom…

  2. I am flying first time on Norwegian Airlines to USA in Nov and returning in Dec.I am extremely concerned about the rumours about the airline financial problems. Am i going to left stranded.

  3. So a coat counts now!!? It’s winter, and this is a Nordic company. They had complaints before, just wait till after.

  4. I am completely and utterly upset and disappointed by my treatment from Norwegian airlines after my flight was over 7 hours delayed at Madridbairport on September 13th. They have refused to compensate me for the delay back to London Gatwick airport. Further, no representative from the airline appeared at anytime during the delay to offer refreshments or vouchers. Shame on you. Your reason for the delay of “extraordinary circumstances” which you gave no proof of, does not correspond with the explanation of the pilots reason for the delay. I have no intention of flying with you again, nor will I recommend your airline to anyone.

  5. They are rubbish do not touch me just because they are cheaper

  6. this airline be like:
    “oh, just give us 750kr more and we’ll make your flight smoother than ever!”

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