New rules for tourist fishermen

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New rules for tourist fishermen

From January 1, 2018 there are new rules for how much you can bring with you from Norway as a tourist or recreational fisherman. Basically, the quota is 10 kilos, but if you fish under the direction of a registered business, it is up to 20 kilos.


An export quota is valid for seven days, which means you have to wait seven days before you can bring a new export quota out of the country. The quota includes processed products such as fish fillet or similar.

Freshwater fish, salmon, trout or char.are not included in the export quota

While a trophy fish was allowed in addition to 15 kilos of “tourist fish” before 2018, any trophy fish is from the turn of the year included in the total amount of 10/20 kilos.

Fish that tourists purchase directly from fishing vessels registered in the Directorate of Fisheries’ register are excluded from the export limit.

Requirements for documentation when exporting fish

Tourist fishermen shall document that the fishing has taken place under the auspices of a registered tourist fishing company when they export fish from Norway. This documentation can be made using an app, which the Directorate is developing. Until the app is fully developed, tourist fishermen must document fishing under the aegis of a registered business in other ways.

This requirement for documentation applies to those who use the new export quota of 20 kgs. Those who only export up to 10 kg do not need to provide documentation.

The requirements

The customs office will accept an invoice or equivalent credential document for the stay issued to a named person or persons travelling. Furthermore, this ID must contain:

  • The registered tourist fishing company’s name, address and organization number
  • Name of the person or persons who have fished under the aeugus of the business
  • The time frame of the stay
  • how many people the stay applies to

The Customs Office will also accept a printout of what the individual tourist fishermen have reported to the business that they have fished. Such a printout must specify:

  • Identity of the business
  • Who has been fishing
  • How much has been fished

The document can be printed before commencing the journey, stamped and signed by the business.

The persons named on the document must be included when the fish is brought out of Norway.


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