Norwegians to go on holiday in their homeland more often after the Corona crisis

Summer in KragerøSummer in Kragerø.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

46 percent of respondents in a Opinion survey say that they will also use Norway more often as a vacationing country. Only 17 percent disagrees.

36 percent also agreed that they will travel less with airplanes than before, writes NRK.

About a third of the 1,016 respondents answered “neither or” to both questions. 

-” This is good news. Norway is a fantastic vacationing country, and the numbers show that more people are opening their eyes to everything that can be experienced in their own country.”, Said Leder, Astrid Bergmål, of Virke Reiseliv to the channel.

It has been especially full at camping grounds and in cabins around Norway. In contrast, the big cities have had fewer guests than normal, especially Oslo. 70 percent of those who stayed at hotels were Norwegians, also before the corona period. 

Bergmål is aware that sustainability is an important factor in attracting domestic tourists in the future. In addition, she would like to make the season longer, so that it will be profitable to for tourism all year round, and also in the districts.

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