SAS boss announces flight chaos in Europe this summer

Aircraft SAS Boeing 737Aircraft SAS Boeing,no

SAS chief Rickard Gustafsson warns that there may be major delays and canceled flights in Europe, this coming summer.

“I’m very worried about this summer, especially for air traffic controllers and their capacity to handle traffic in Europe, there are not enough. There will be canceled flights, delays and chaos,” says Gustafsson to Expressen.

The Swedish newspaper writes that the delays last year doubled compared to the summer before, even though air traffic increased by 4 percent.

Deficiencies in air traffic control were the cause of 75 percent of delays, according to the European Airline Association for Europe.

SAS ended an extensive strike this past April, which started on April 26. During the first five days of the strike, over 2,800 flights were canceled and nearly 270,000 passengers were affected. On May 2, SAS agreed with pilots on a new agreement.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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