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Where to see the Midnight sun

Midnight sunMidnight sun at the arctic coast. Photo by Graham Austick Nord Norsk Reiseliv.


The Midnight sun is visible north of the Arctic circle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

during the main summer months. The Arctic circle is located south of the Arctic town of Bodo & the Lofoten Islands, and north of the Helgeland coast.

One of the best ways to experience this phenomenon is on a cruise along the spectacular Norwegian coast, offering the most exceptional Arctic scenery like the Lofoten Islands, the North Cape & beautifully located Arctic towns like Bodo and Tromso. You can also join an amazing round trip from Oslo, including the unforgettable Arctic Nordland rail line, Bodo, the Lofoten Islands & the Helgeland coast.
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Source: / Norway Today


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