Students from Norway expelled from Western Sahara

Couple stopped at Maroccan border--, Marokko 20150115. Martin Ellingsen ( 20 ) from Raufoss and Margit Fausko ( 22) from Hemsedal was Sunday stopped by Moroccan police in a police control and deported from occupied Western Sahara . Ellingsen and Fausko sitting in county councils respectively Oppland Green Youth and South Trondelag Green Youth .Foto: Støttekomiteen for Vest-Sahara / NTB scanpix
The 16 students are Norwegian, American, Canadian, Polish and Dutch. They have traveled down to the area to speak with local journalists and representatives on the situation in the disputed occupied territory.
The students came in several groups from Marrakech in Morocco Saturday night. They arrived at the police control at El Aaiun Sunday. They are expected to arrive Agadir in Morocco Sunday evening.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today