Thon Hotels: Third tallest building in Oslo

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Thon Hotel can become the third tallest building in Oslo

100,000 square meters and 27 floors of hotels, shopping malls and homes is Olav Thon’s topmost proposal to replace the Gunerius quarter in Oslo.


Olav Thon Group has owned the Gunerius Shopping Center in downtown Oslo since 1991. According to Aftenposten, Thon’s main proposal is to demolish Gunerius and several associated buildings, and then build a brand new hotel. It will be almost 100 meters tall.

It would then make the building to the third tallest in the capital. Only Oslo Plaza (117 m) and Posthuset (113) will be ahead.

Vice President and CEO Ole Christian Hallerud and Group Chief Øystein Trøseid in Olav Thon Group believe that the building can be completed by 2022.

– It is a priority project for us, and we are ready to put the spade in the ground as fast as possible, says Hallerud.

Lower than next door

Department Director in the Planning and Building Agency, Andreas Vaa Bermann, is principally positive, but is skeptical to the height.

– The municipal plan says that you can assess buildings up to 42 meters of height in the ring 1 zone. A 100 meter tall building is per definition contrary to this, he points out.

– We believe that our plans meet the city in a gentle way. Against Storgata, for example, the building will be lower than the current buildings, says Director Trøseid about the building.


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