Better protection for self made travel package

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Consumers to get better protection for self made travel package

A new travel package law directive was incorporated into the EEA Agreement on Friday, giving consumers better protection when ordering travel package tours they create themselves.


Travelers who travel on package tours purchased through an organizer or travel company have good protection today if a problem arises. It has not been the case for the package travel the consumer put together themselves.

“Now in expanding those rights to also apply to such tours,” says consumer minister Solveig Horne (Frp)

The new directive will, among other things, clarify that the organizer is responsible for implementing a package travel, strengthening the traveler’s rights in terms of cancellation, and imposes more responsibility on the organizer if the traveler is in trouble.

The changes in the directive are due to the need to adapt the regulations to developments in the travel market.

“Norwegians travel a lot and many put their own travels packages together on their own. Therefore, it is important that they have good consumer protection should something go wrong on their journey,” said Horne.

National laws and regulations implementing this Directive shall enter into force no later than 1 July 2018.


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