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Top 10 stories of the week: Your Saturday morning coffee briefing Nov. 28

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In case you missed it: Catch up on your weekly news with the top 10 Norway Today stories this week.

Here’s your weekly Saturday morning briefing.

1. Norwegian minister issues warning to Wizz Air

Norway’s Minister of Transport and Communications Knut Arild Hareide (KrF) believes that Wizz Air might have business problems in the future. Find his quotes on the issue in this article.

2. Plans for universal free choice of schools in Norway strongly debated

Some parties in the Norwegian government want to introduce free school choice all throughout the country. Currently, certain counties allow students and parents to choose any school to attend in the county where they live. In other counties, children must attend specific schools based on defined zones within the county. Measures are now being planned to bring free school choice to a national level. The approach has both strong proponents and opponents.

3. Norway is the safest country for expats to move to in 2021, new study shows

MoverDB designated Norway as the top location for expats to move to for working remotely post-coronavirus. Factors considered included safety, quality of life, cost of living, salary, work-life balance, and the percentage of expats.

4. People worldwide are in awe of Norway’s hospitals: Nurse’s Tik Tok gets 1.5 million views in a week

Norway has been taking the Tik Tok world by storm. Its latest viral debut is a video of a public hospital in Norway, showing an awe-striking overview of facilities used by staff. The video ended up sparking quite a few debates on the Norwegian and US healthcare systems in the comments.

5. ESA opens formal case against Norway after social security scandal

Supervisory body ESA (European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority) claims that Norway has not respected EEA rules in the Social Security Ordinance and the right to free movement. ESA has initiated a formal case against Norway.

6. Norwegian billionaire businessman fears a historic wave of bankruptcies in 2021

Norwegian billionaire businessman and hotel investor Petter Stordalen believes Norway will see a historic wave of bankruptcies in 2021. Read his quotes on the topic here.

7. Norway set to pay 27 million kroner in aid to Tigray region in Ethiopia

Fighting between the rebels and the authorities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has forced thousands to flee. Norway will provide NOK 27 million in aid to help those affected, as stated by Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) in a press release.

8. Can you order alcohol online and ship it to Norway?

You probably aren’t the first person curious about whether it’s legal to get alcohol shipped to Norway – and how. We spoke to the Norwegian Directorate of Health to get the details on alcohol shipments. You can read about the rules and regulations here.

9. Solberg: We have to wait at least three more weeks before the measures can be eased

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, Prime Minister Erna Solberg stated it was too early to relax pandemic regulations. The Norwegian government will maintain its current infection control measures for at least three weeks following Nov. 24.

10. Northern Norway prepares for hotter weather

Meteorologists shared the latest on upcoming weather in Norway: The unusually wet November in Southern Norway will be replaced by a temporary high pressure this weekend. In the north, it will be hot and there will be a little rain on the coast.

That’s all for today!

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