Slippery roads all over the country

Smooth roads.Photo Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Norwegian police and meteorologists warn Norwegian drivers to drive carefully due to slippery roads all over the country.

The police Twitter accounts report several situations of cars falling into the ditches of roads. Beforehand, the Meteorological Institute warned about difficult driving conditions in Western Norway. But also the east side of Norway is dealing with problems on the road. The Østfold police warn people to drive carefully. There are now salt trucks on the roads in Østfold, but drivers have yet to be careful and adjust their speed limit.

The police in Nordland also warn for slippery roads, especially in Holmstaddalen in Sortland. There are several notifications of cars who are stuck on the road. In addition, Kvinnherad in Hordaland is dealing with a traffic accident due to the slippery conditions. On Saturday evening, a trailer slipped the road at E134 at Høydalsmo in Telemark. The trailer has hit a telephone pole, which hit the roof of a detached house. There were no injuries, but it is still very slippery on the spot, warns the local police.

The police warn people on the road al over Norway to drive carefully on Saturday. When the weather conditions change from snow to rain, the roads will be very slippery and driving conditions become challenging.

©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today