Trollstigen gets mobile coverage


The thousands who visit Trollstigen annually can now make use of mobile coverage for 4G and conversations.

There has been a long desire for better mobile coverage from Trollstigen and into the mountains. Because the roads are closed part of the year, it has been challenging to get this in place.

“The government is now responsible for the development of coverage for 4G and mobile access in an area where thousands of tourists travel in the summer. The emergency network will also work on the same network, which will help to increase the emergency preparedness on this area,” says Digitalization Minister Nikolai Astrup (H) in a press release.

Trollstigen is among the country’s most busy tourist roads.

It was Telia who won the tender from The Norwegian Road Administration and it was announced last year about the development of mobile coverage on county road 63 from Trollstigplateaus towards Langdalen in Møre og Romsdal. To keep the grid going, Telia will use solar cells and wind turbines.

They are aiming for the development to be in use from 2020.

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