10 sure fire signs that you are from Stokka or Eiganes

Stokka Eiganes Byas touristsOld Town of Stavanger. Photo: Norway Today Media / Pieter Wijnen

10 sure fire signs that you are from Stokka or Eiganes

Grown up on oil money and cultural treasures or not? Either way please review:


1.    You have played for FK Vidar

Did you ever fertilize the Lassa pitch with Armani-scented sweat pearls? Heard the legend of the old coach who was such a super fan of “PEEEEA SOUP”?

Not unlikely.

Unless you were among those wearing crocodile tee-shirts brandishing oversize fly swatters at the clay courts that is.

2.    You have bathed a thousand times at the pump station

When the pump station at Store Stokkavann still smelled of spray paint and drunken people, you immersed your body in the fresh water and hoped to get a glimpse of the opposite sex in swimsuit, much like the shark in “Jaws”.

Just admit to it!

3.    You were shit scared of people from Tjensvoll

But of course you’ve outgrown that fear. If you went to Kannik then all fellow students who did not come straight out of the Eiganes elementary school were quite scary.

Tjensvoll, Våland… you name it.

4.    You did not understand the Gosen cabaret hype

Yes, the pupils at Gosen had a cabaret. So what? There was nothing much to make you exited about.

5.    You miss being able to walk to the stadium to see Viking FK lose games

Because when Viking was still collecting medals, the stadium was placed in the middle of Egenes.

And was there ever a surer sign of spring than strolling in the direction of the grand stand?

6.    You have been criticized for speaking “nice”

Because, by definition, you do not speak the nicest socio-dialect (something similar to the Queens English), you might assume that you have a somewhat more Danish way of speaking than the guy next door.

7.     You made out for the first time at Roger

Ynglingen. Dudes & Dudettes. Semi boring hits from the last half of the nineties. The rest is part of history.

8. You celebrated May 16 near the Stokka lake

Apropos making out. The Stokka lake has more uses than cycling on Sundays and involuntary ice-bathing in the winter.

On May 16, it was possible to fish the beer out of the supermarket bag and invite your closest to attend a chilly séance near the big, beautiful lake.

9. You have nicked Bugg from Dues Kolonial

Dues Supermarked, R.I.P. A stone’s throw away from the old stadium was Dues and everything that the tiny shop had to offer.
A bad conscience for all the goodies you sneaked away? Relax, it’s no longer punishable.

10.  You are a fan of Brede Hangeland

What is his origin? Yes, Lassa. Tall, handsome, famous and an excellent representative of both FK Vidar and Norway. High five!

Hugs, thanks and more go to Fredrik and Madicken for input. We salute you!

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