Erna thanks the royal couple for the inclusion

Norways Prime ministerPrime Minister Erna Solberg

Prime Minister Erna Solberg thanks the royal couple for the efforts they have made to include  the refugees and immigrants.- It is very important that we have a royal family that is so clear that they are for everyone who is living in Norway, even the new arrivals, says Solberg to the newspaper DagbladetThe prime minister received praise from other party leaders when she in her New Year speech urged each one of us to contribute to the everyday integration. That those at the top are watching the arrivals, she believes it is very important for the integration to succeed. She thanks the royal couple, who this year celebrates the 25 years as regents, to contribute to cohesion through including speeches and visits.- Over 25 years, they have with wisdom, insight and dedication contributed to cohesion and community that characterizes Norway, Solberg said to the newspaper.

Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today