Forced rebounds are costingg over half a billion kroner

Director Frode ForfangFrode Forfang
Forced rebounds of asylum seekers cost the police on average 80,000 kroner per return, totaling over half a billion, writes the local newspaper Adresseavisen.
Ministry of Justice has, in a reply to Parliament, stated that 80 percent of the budget of the Police Immigration Service (PU) is used on the return of asylum seekers and expulsion and expelling foreigners.
“A rough estimate suggests that Police Directorate, the police districts, and the Police Security Service  will use 585 to 685 million kroner in the return work in 2015,” they write.
It gives an overall cost per return of between 75,000 and 85,000 kroner, based on that the police forcibly return 7,800 people this year, writes Adresseavisen.
A voluntary return costs about half. Justice Ministry estimates an average cost of 40,000 kroner per voluntary return.
Although the government, in addition to the state budget on the refugee crisis, announced an increased spending of 9.5 billion, will not be enough to handle the tens of thousands of new asylum seekers.
Director Frode Forfang in immigration recalling that they start the new year with up to 25,000 pending cases.
– We have enough to do even if there should be only a single asylum seeker in 2016, says Forfang.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today