Chef of the year is awarded to the Chef of Mondo in Sandes

Christian Andre PettersenChristian Andre Pettersen from Bodø.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Christian Andre Pettersen from Bodø will be Norway’s candidate to the Bocuse d’Or; the world’s most difficult and most prestigious cooking competition.


The five candidates who participated in the Norwegian competition were judged by taste, presentation and geographical identity and originality.

The winner, 27-year-old Christian Andre Pettersen, is the chef at Restaurant Mondo in Sandnes.

He will meet chefs from 19 other European countries for the Bocuse d’Or Europe competitions in Turin June 2018.

The 12 best-placed chefs in this European championship will be directly qualified for the World Cup of Cooking, Bocuse d’Or, to be held in Lyon in January 2019.

Øyvind Bøe Dalelv became number two, and Rasmus Johnsen Skoglund got the bronze medal.


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