Einar Nilsson wins “Shall we dance?”

Einar NilssonEinar Nilsson and dance partner Anette Stokke.Photo: Thomas Reisaeter / TV 2 / NTB scanpix

Celebrity painter Einar Nilsson of the TV 2 program, “Time for Home”,became the winner of the year in “Shall We Dance”.


Einar Nilsson took victory over former football player,Jan Gunnar Solli (37), in the crucial round of the dance competition on Saturday night.

Solli led after the referees gave the competitors their scores,but Nilsson was given victory when the viewers added their votes to the pot.

‘’Lord, my hat. That’s amazing’’ said Nilsson (54) in his first comment.

He thanked dance partner Anette Stokke (30) for the job she has spent the past three months doing.

“With Anette,everything is possible.She has done a wonderful job and made me believe in myself. We’ve been having fun” said Nilsson.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today