Internet papers are emerging as news sources

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Internet newspapers are strengthening their position as Norway’s most important source of news.A majority of the population state that they read two or more online newspapers daily.


Older people read more online newspapers daily than the youngest.Even though the online newspapers are emerging as news sources, subscriptions to newspapers and online newspapers are in seventh place of the most common subscriptions Norwegian households pay for.

This appeared in Deloitte’s annual media survey, which deals with Norwegian consumers’ media habits.The survey was completed for the sixth time this year.

Many say they pay

While online newspapers become an important source of news for Norwegians, payment also increased. 17% said they are willing to pay for online news in 2018, which is 10% more than in 2014.

“It’s actually a pretty big increase, and the willingness to pay in Norway for digital news is generally relatively unique in Europe.The media industry has managed to get the users to start paying” said Joachim Gullaksen, partner in Deloitte Norge.

The respondents stated that payment was greatest for domestic (57%), latest news (53%) and foreign (50%). Health, art, culture,entertainment, and gossip are the items that fewest are willing to pay for.

At the same time, it appears that Norwegians are less active on social media than before. We rely less on content in the social channels, and we like to share and comment less on social media than before

For all age groups,the third most frequent activity on social media is to ”Get News Updates” (54%), after “Sending Messages” (58%),and “Reading Posts from Friends” (66%).

Important for youth

Social media is now the most important source of news for young people between 14 and 20 years old in 2018.

82% of the youngest check social media daily, while 40% of the oldest do the same. 57% report that they detect fake news often or occasionally,but only 16% report it. Half do not rely on content distributed in social media, including news.

“It looks as though we withdraw from active participation in social media,even if we are still there” said Gullaksen.

2,021 Norwegians responded to the online survey in 2018.The survey was conducted by YouGov.


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