James Bond filming at secret cabin location in Hakadal

James BondHakadal/Nittedal.Langvann in Nordmarka,Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

In March,James Bond and a Hollywood movie team will come to Nordmarka for the recording of the new Bond 25,with the working title, ’’Shatterhand’’.

Preparations for filming of the new James Bond movie,enigmatically titled “Bond 25” in this story,are underway,and there has been speculation for several days whether the world’s most famous intelligence agent will soon appear in Nordmarka, Norway.

After a large cabin (hytte) was carved into the ice in the darkness at Langvann in Hakadal,the rumours began tobuzz.There has not been such secrecy since Bond took‘M’ (Judy Dench) to the one place on earth where the bad guy was bound to find her, and subsequently get her killed,in ’Skyfall’ in 2012.

In addition, there have been barriers erected inside the forest.

Local media have repeatedly tried to get Nittedal municipality involved in the construction activity. The County Governor of Oslo and Viken, Nittedal’s mayor, information manager,and others responsible in the municipality, refused to say what is going on according to Dagbladet newspaper.

On Friday, however, it was confirmed by Nittedal municipality that filming will be recorded at the newly built cabin at Langvann, wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

According to the newspaper, employees of the film production company,True North, have stayed in the area.These will be responsible for facilitating “Bond 25” or more accurately, ‘’Shatterhand’’, in Norway. The filming will probably take place throughout much of March.

“Bond 25”, or with greater verisimilitude, ‘’Shatterhand’’,starring Daniel Craig, was awarded NOK 47 million in incentive grants to enter Norway. The incentive scheme for filming provides a 25% refund of expenses for international film recordings in Norway.Thus, the film recording will be NOK 188 million in Norway if the entire grant is used.

According to the film site, IMDB, the film will be premiered in February 2020 and is the 25th of the series involving Agent 007.

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