National Theatre requesting 1.9 billion NOK

National TheatreOslo.National Theatre. Photo: Norway Today Media

While the state budget is under approval process the National Theatre is requesting about 1.9 billion to refurbish as part of that. Other cultural institutions want over a billion in total to upgrade.

Before the draft budget submitted on October 6th National Theatre asked for twice as much money as the others asked combined, reported by NRK news.

– The situation is very serious but not in the sense that the building collapses tomorrow and it cannot be left like this way in here.

Elapsed affects the entire building, says project manager Thomas Gunnerud at the National Theatre. He shows the cracks inside the theater.

Culture Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland agree that the condition is critical at the theater, but so far she comes with millions, not billions.

– It is equally important that we take care of the things built up by generations before us as it is to set up new large projects.

Therefore, government plan to put aside the budget as 2.5 million for next year in a clarification phase so the project can move forward.

Gunnerud says it is urgent to clarify how much money National Theatre will get in the upcoming budget. It is thirty years since the last time the theater received a major upgrade.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today