Norwegian WWII memorial forest felled due to a misunderstanding

Trandum, Ullensaker. The excavations of the mass graves in the Trandum forest after the executions during the war. Former NS leader Vidkun Qusling (in the middle of the picture) was taken from the prison in Møllergata 19 and forced to look at the excavations of the mass graves. Photo: NTB

According to a commission, the protected forest surrounding the mass graves at Trandum in Norway was felled because those responsible did not understand that the protection also applied to the trees.

The forest in Ullensaker Municipality was felled a year ago, creating strong reactions among descendants and in the local community. The Ministry of Defense set up a commission to uncover what went wrong. Now a conclusion has been reached, TV 2 reported.

According to the channel, it appears that communication problems, between the client Forsvarsbygg and the manager who was to carry out the razing, were decisive for the entire forest being felled.

The Commission nevertheless emphasized that Forsvarsbygg has the main responsibility for the mistake that was made.

Forsvarsbygg has previously apologized and accepted a fine of NOK 100,000.

Source: ©️ NTB Scanpix / #NorwayTodayTravel

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