Oslo – a knitting capital

Photo: visitoslo.com


If you’re commuting through Oslo by tram, buss or subway, if you take a break at a café, or sit on the train on your way in our out of the city, there’s a high chance you’ll spot someone knitting. When the temperature falls and the long nights of autumn sets in, big parts of Oslo’s population wrap themselves into homemade garments. We explored how the knitting phenomenon unfolds in the city.

Oslo’s citizens probably don’t think much about knitting. It’s there, and it’s pretty normal for Norwegians to get their knitting out at meetings, on their commute and during lectures. It might turn some heads when there’s a table of knitting ladies at a bar on a Saturday night (yes, that does happen!), but that’s pretty much it. Knitting is a natural part of everyday life. It’s just there.Read more about Oslo – a knitting capital

Source: visitoslo.com / Norway Today