Priest wants ecclesiastical ‘# me too’ campaign

Large priest shortage in the Norwegian ChurchIllustration.Myre church. Photo Wikipedia,

Elisabeth Torp, head of the Church Resource Center Against Violence and Sexual Assault, wants an ecclesiastical #metoo campaign.


Torp wants Norwegian churches to be involved in the international ‘#metoo’ campaign, she told Vårt Land newspaper.

‘I haven’t seen the churches in Norway do anything about it, but it must come. We will see how an ecclesiastical # metoo campaign could look, and launch it’, said Torp.

Women worldwide, including in Norway, have lately shared stories of sexual harassment in connection to the #metoo campaign, to show how common the problem is.

The campaign was launched by American actor, Alyssa Milan, after a number of female actors revealed that they’d been exposed to sexual harassment, or assault, by the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The campaign has made more people aware of these experiences, and several famous people have come to the fore in connection with assault prosecutions, including journalists, editors, actors, and politicians.

©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today