Riksteatret robbed in Lyngdal – show cancelled

Riksteatret«Kollaps i kulissene» .Photo: Riksteatret

It was a proper collapse when the success «Kollaps i kulissene» (Collapse behind the scenes) was subject to theft shortly before the show.

Hege Schøyen and Ingar Helge Gimle perform in the play «Kollaps i kulissene» which is currently touring the coast with the National Theatre (Riksteatret). Everything that can go wrong goes wrong in the play, and that was exactly what happened just before the evening performance in the Lyngdal Cultural Centre, explains Information Manager at the National Theatre, Mette Hægeland Blom to VG.

– It was a theft of important props for the play between set-up and warm-up. Some props are missing such as a sword and a phone, making it impossible to perform the piece.

The police were quickly alerted of the matter and observed the culprit on a surveillance camera recording, but when the show was supposed to start had neither got hold of culprit nor props.

– The actors went into the foyer and apologized, and the audience will get their money back. It’s a shame as it has been a huge success with full houses throughout the coast.

Hege Schøyen was one of the actors who were affected and who approached to the audience in the foyer.

– I’ve never been subject to anything like this in my whole career, she says to Lyngdal Avis.

Replacement props are being sent from Riksteateret’s headquarters in Oslo so that the touring troupe’s Wednesday performance in Kvinesdal will go as planned.


Source: vg.no / Norway Today