Report: Meat consumption in Norway hits 14-year-low

Red meatPhoto: NTB

Last year, the consumption of meat was 51.6 kilos per person in Norway. That is the lowest figure since 2006.

Every year since 2015, meat consumption in Norway has declined, and not since 2006 have Norwegians eaten less meat on average than last year.

The data was revealed in a new report from the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomics (NIBIO), according to newspaper Nationen.

The consumption of red meat, in particular, is declining. 

Last year, Norwegians ate an average of 0.7 kilos less red meat than the year before, a decrease of 1.9%.

The total consumption of meat decreased by 0.1 kilos per person last year.

“The reason why the total consumption has not decreased further is that the consumption of white meat, especially chicken, has increased in recent years. 

“Another reason may be that the discussions about meat consumption, environment, climate, and sustainability may have affected meat consumption somewhat,” CEO of Animalia Tor Arne Ruud said.

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