Several performances still canceled due to the ongoing cultural strike in Norway

culture strikeLO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik meets strike guards at the National Theater, the Norwegian Theater and the Norwegian Opera. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Several theater, ballet, and opera performances are canceled as a result of the ongoing strike among cultural workers in Norway.

“There are many indications that there will be postponements in the future; however, we are working to avoid that,” said communications manager Ida Margreta Halvorsen at the National Theater.

All performances on the Main Stage have been canceled as a result of the strike. They are canceled one day in advance.

Christmas performances may be postponed

“This is because we are hoping for a solution, and we do not want to increase the level of conflict by canceling more performances than necessary,” said Halvorsen.

But the strike could also have consequences for future performances, including the major investment A Christmas Night Dream (in Norwegian: En julenattsdrøm), which is scheduled to premiere on October 9. Several people working on the show have gone on strike.

This can affect the audience even after the strike is over.

Covid-19 and strikes

“If we have to postpone the premiere, there will be fewer performances, and then it is not certain that we will find new tickets for everyone who is affected. It also depends on whether we are allowed to have larger audiences,” said Halvorsen.

Covid-19 restrictions mean that the show is only being played for half-full halls.

“This was the last thing we needed now. But they probably think so on both sides of the conflict,” said Halvorsen.

Also affects the Opera

Performances have also been canceled at the Opera. Over the next few days, the ballet performance Kylián: One of a Kind will be canceled from Wednesday to Monday.

The same applies to the premiere of the opera Dead Man Walking, which should have been on Saturday.

Disputes over pensions have led to 435 employees in opera, theater and orchestra going on strike. The dispute is about which pension scheme the cultural employees will have in the future. According to LO, in 2016, the employees agreed to a temporary pension scheme in agreement with the employers on a new and gender-neutral pension scheme.

The strike started on Friday, September 3, and has thus lasted for over two weeks.

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