The Church Council aims for ethical regulations for flights


The Church Council is preparing an ethical code to cut the use air travel for its employees.

It has submitted a proposal for new guidelines for the use of air transport for work. The goal is to set a more sustainable level for air travel and use more alternative modes of public transport, reports the Dagen newspaper.

The new regulations will apply to all of the Church Council members of about 100 people. The goal is that other diocesan councils should also consider the proposal.

Leading the work on the new guidelines is Jan Christian Kielland, Department Director for Church Studies and Ecumenics in the Church Council. He is reluctant to say too much about the content before the consultation round ends.

“The document will also cover  issues other than airplanes but if we want to do something about the climate footprint of the Church Council and the Secretariat, air travel will then need to feature highly in the conversation,” said Kielland.


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