The Prince is ready for his confirmation: – A new chapter in his life

Prince Sverre MagnusPrince Sverre Magnus.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Prince Sverre Magnus is grown up now and is to have his confirmation ceremony. The royal family is looking forward to the big day.

“I think it will be very nice”, says Queen Sonja to NTB about Prince Sverre Magnus’ forthcoming confirmation.

On Saturday, the 14-year-old will “step into the ranks of the adults” and be confirmed during a service in Asker church. If you go back in time, it was precisely Queen Sonja who carried Sverre Magnus to the baptism, when he was a tiny little boy.

“Grandparents are always amazed at it when the children grow and become so big. So it is a new chapter in his life”, says the queen.

The service starts at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon and is broadcasted live by NRK. Due to infection control, there is a cap of 200 attendees in Asker church, and The Prince will have 16 guests present in the church.

After the confirmation, the royal family will mark the big day with a private dinner at Skaugum. Due to the current pandemic, there will only be a small celebration with a maximum of 20 guests, the Palace states.

Loves to ride a bike

Prince Sverre Magnus was born on December 3, 2005 at Rikshospitalet in Oslo and is the third in line to inherit the throne here in the kingdom, after his father and sister.

Since 2014, he has attended the Montessori school in Oslo, while he has previously attended kindergarten in Asker and at Jansløkka school.

The prince loves to ski, primarily alpine. Additionally, he likes cycling, especially BMX and cross, the castle states in the prince’s biography. In 2017, Sverre Magnus actually broke his ankle in a bicycle accident and had to walk with plaster and crutches for a while afterward.

The prince also loves water sports and especially surfing – an interest he shares with both his father and the rest of the Crown Prince’s family.


Over the years, Prince Sverre Magnus has participated in a number of official activities with the rest of the Crown Prince’s family and the royal family.

He often appears as a happy boy with a lot of energy, and often with a clever smile in store. The prince has also gained attention by running amusements and pranks.

In 2017, he did a so-called “dab” on the castle balcony during his grandparents’ 80th birthday celebration, which received wide coverage in both Norwegian and international media. Dabbing is a dance move where you take your head down into the corner of your arm, at the same time as you stretch out the other arm.

On the same day, he also found other tricks on the castle balcony, such as showing signs with his fingers, which eventually led to his cousin Leah Isadora Behn apparently asking him to stop joking.

Gift sprinkle

Last autumn, Princess Ingrid Alexandra had her confirmation. The heir to the throne received a bunad from East Telemark as a gift from the royal couple. The government gave her a nature reserve named after her – Prinsesseåsen nature reserve in Bygdøy, and the Storting gave her hiking equipment.

In addition, the princess received avalanche and summit hiking courses from the police, surfing courses from the county governors, hiking mugs from the Sami Parliament and nature experiences from Oslo municipality. She also received Norwegian laws, three books with LO’s history, several Bible editions and a couple of jewelry.

Last year, the government announced its gift ahead of the confirmation, but this time they are holding the cards closer to their chests:

“The government has bought a confirmation gift for the prince, but it is natural that the prince himself is the first to know what it is. After he has received it, we will announce what the gift is”, says communications manager Anne Kristin Hjukse at the Prime Minister’s office to NTB.  

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