Twice as many cases of violence

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Teachers in Oslo report twice as many cases of violence

Last year, 1,940 cases of violence against teachers in Oslo are reported, as opposed to 900 violent episodes being reported in 2015.


The figures are obtained from the Education Administration’s ‘Overview of Violence’ report. The figures stem from the agency’s Human Resource (HR) system.

A total of 900 of the reported violent events last year were of a serious nature. Including very serious kicks, hitting involving objects, threats with knives, biting and serious verbal threats, reports the newspaper Dagsavisen.

‘Slightly serious’

‘Slightly serious’ violent incidents is defined as spitting, blows, kicking, and clawing.

According to Einar Osnes, violence and threats to employees is an increasing problem in the working environment in Oslo schools, and the increase of reported incidents reflects a real increase in violence. Osnes is the principal security delegate of the Education Board in Oslo.

‘We assume that there are a variety of reasons underlying the report. The school’s reputation can be thought to be one of the reasons. The reasons can be defined in several ways; lack of information to employees, lack of risk assessment of students, and failure to report violent episodes,’ says Osnes.


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