Norwegians in the top on digital competence in Europe

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Norwegians are in the top on digital competence in Europe

In Norway, almost half of the population is considered to have good digital skills. By comparison, less than one third of EU citizens have the same digital competence.


45 percent of Norwegians between 16 and 74 are considered to have good overall digital skills, Statistics Norway (SSB) writes. 90 percent of Norwegians regularly send e-mails and use online banking.

Luxembourg tops

Of EU citizens it is estimated that 29 percent of the population between 16 and 74 years have good digital skills. Luxembourg is at the top of the survey.

54 per cent of the population has good qualities. Every fifth EU citizen has not used the internet for the last three months and is therefore considered  to have low digital skills.

A population with good skills in using digital services has better prerequisites for better and more efficient use of public services and better flow of goods and services.

Nine out of ten search Government websites

88 per cent of Norwegians regularly apply for goods and services online, and many search for information on Government websites.

Only 3 per cent of Norwegians have inadequate or no communication skills, and only 1 per cent have inadequate or no task-solving skills.

The results are based on the survey “Use of ICT in households” and developed by the EU agency DG Connect in cooperation with Eurostat.


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