Many students have not been asked Christmas services

Christmas in churchChristmas in church.Photo: Pixabay

Half of the schools have not followed the government’s recommendation that Christmas services are something students actively should sign up for, shows a questionnaire Kommunal Rapport made.

In the questionnaire, where over 500 principals were surveyed, major differences were revealed in how Christmas services are held at the schools in this country.
Figures show that one in five schools do not have Christmas services at all, and only one of two schools request active enrollment of students.
In addition, only one in five schools offer an alternative for pupils who do not wish to participate.
The Directorate of Education discourages schools to define school worship as a requirement and recommends active enrollment.
This year, the debate on school worship flared up again, after it became known that the principals at Voss wanted to drop the traditional event.
The schools solved the issue by replacing the Christmas service with a Christmas collection free of prayer and preaching.
– In the service, the priest starts by saying “let us pray.” Had he done so during the Christmas collection, he had included the students in prayer.
But he does not now, so this is an inclusive service for everyone, said the municipal chief in Voss municipality, Else Berit Kyte to Kommunal Rapport last week.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today