Norwegian students are happy that British requirements are known early

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The UK places new demands on foreign students. The Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) is pleased to announce the requirements early.

On February 19th, the British authorities announced how the UK’s new immigration system will look from 2021. For Norwegians to study in the UK, they must be able to meet the demands of the new system.

ANSA is pleased that the new system has quickly come into place.

“We are pleased that a system has been put in place well before 2021, which makes it clear for Norwegians who want to study in the UK. The clarity is very important, which is why this is uplifting news,” says ANSA President Hanna Flood in a press release.

Among other things, the new system requires students to have good English skills and be able to support themselves financially. When the transition period between the UK and the EU is over next year, Norwegian students must apply for a visa to study in the country.

The UK is the most popular country for Norwegian foreign students.

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