Psychology students to sue the State

ELTE University in HungaryPhoto: ELTE University in Hungary

More than 200 psychology students at the ELTE University in Hungary are planning a lawsuit against the Norwegian State, according to Dagbladet newspaper.


In 2016, the Directorate of Health decided that the students did not meet the requirements for authorisation to practice in Norway. In February of this year, the Minister of Health, Bent Høie, decided that those who had graduated before 2016 should still receive authorisation. 84 students at a lower level did not get this opportunity, and that is the background for the lawsuit that over 200 students will now take out.

The students have collected NOK 1.2 million for a lawsuit, wrote Dagbladet newspaper.

“It’s a shame that it has gone so far, but the case has had major consequences for the affected people. Any judgment in our favour will give justice to those who have been struggling with this case for two years now,’’ said Inger-Lise Bråthen,board member of the Psychology Association and former student at ELTE University,to NRK news.

The student’s lawyer, Per Andreas Bjørgan, believes that Norway is obliged to recognise relevant competence acquired in other countries according to the EEA rules.The Directorate of Health, for its part, believes that the regulations do not apply in this case due to different regulations concerning occupation and education.

State Secretary for Health Minister Bent Høie, Anne Grethe Erlandsen, told NRK news that,“from time to time, the State is sued by the Ministry of Health and Care. I see no reason to comment on a lawsuit that may or may not come.”


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