Record numbers select Folk High Schools

StudyStudy.Photo: Pixabay

This autumn, over 7,600 new students began at folk high schools across the country, making 2017 the third consecutive year with record numbers.


‘This is a clear signal to the rest of schools in Norway. More and more students are tired of upper secondary education,and say they want a different year of education before beginning further studies.

Without either grades, or exams, folk high schools are able to give the students the motivation to learn further,’ said information adviser for folk high schools, Marit Asheim.

7,640 students started at 80 folk high schools in Norway during 2017. That is a growth of 2% over the previous school year.

‘The growth of pupil numbers in recent years is a clear message from Norwegian youth. We need folk high schools! Now,we hope the government will also recognise this in the design of its state budget for 2018,’ said Asheim.

She said that the Kristelig Folkeparti (KrF), Venstre (the Left), the Sosialistisk Venstreparti(SV), and the Senter Party (SP) promised to work for increased funding for folk high schools during this year’s election campaign.


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