Record student numbers at Norwegian higher education colleges

College studentsCollege students

There has never been higher student attendance numbers at Norwegian colleges of higher education than there were last year. During the next school year, further growth is expected.


Over 7,500 students attended one or other of the country’s 80 higher education colleges (folkehøgskoler) during the current school year.

It constitutes 11% of the college age demographic, and is a higher percentage than the Armed Forces for first time service.

As of July the 1st this year, 7,199 students have secured a place at college, compared to 6,996 last year (a growth rate of 2.5%).

Education professionals believe social media has contributed to the increased interest.

‘Earlier, the word got round through family and friends. Now, unknown people are being recruited through recommendations on social media’, said Marit Asheim, an information consultant for ‘folkehøgskoler’.

Torbjørn Heimvik from Oslo was one of those who chose to spend one year at college last year.

‘I’m tempted to post photos, and hope that some of my experiences will have the same effect. It’s a magical feeling to live in the midst of steep mountains’, he said.

Ever since 2004, more and more young people have gone to folkehøgskoler. Today, 20% more students attend Norwegian folkehøgskoler than they did ten years ago.

The higher education colleges want to increase student numbers continuously as long as there are vacancies, and they often receive more applications after coordinated record keeping has been completed.


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