Large housing shortage for students

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Comprehensive housing shortage for students

More than three years after the Government launched the student housing initiative, 14,000 habitations for students are still missing to reach the target.


This is shown by the Student Housing Survey, which was presented on Monday.

– A safe place to stay provides a better working day, says the leader of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO), Håkon Randgaard Mikalsen.

98,000 applicants have been offered a study place during the main admittance this year. The number of students in Norway is growing so fast that the Norwegian student organization warns against overbooking of studies. Housing shortage can also be a problem.

Asks for 3,000 apartments annually

The Student housing efforts are aiming for 20 per cent of the students being able to stay in a student residence. Today, only 15 per cent of students have that opportunity.  In Østfold, there is only 11 per cent of the students who possess a student residence.

– The current Government’s historical commitment to student housing has given an increase in coverage over time. Unfortunately, the increase is marginal, and it will require many years of effort before 20 per cent of the students to have access to dedicated student housing. We see that the policy is working. Now it has to be stepped up to allocate at least 3,000 additional student homes each year, says Mikaelsen.

Measures from 2015

In 2015, the Government agreed to increase the number of additional student housing from 2,000 to 2,200 every year. Even though the NSO first demanded 3,000 more homes every year, the student organization was pleased with the increase, which at the time was a record allocation.

– With an ever-pressured private housing market, it is important to invest further in student housing and increase the cost framework for student associations. With increased Government grants, we can ensure lower rental rates for students who are economically hard-pressed, says Mikaelsen.


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