SU wants more sex in schools

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SU-leader Andrea Sjøvoll is expected to get the SV congress with  herrequirement to change sex education in norwegian schools.

Before the congress at Gardermoen coming up this  weekend there is a total of 36 proposals for political statements. Of these the Central Committee i SV  wishes to prioritize ten.

The proposal of the Socialist Youth is one of them. Specifically, it argues that sex education should start earlier and “always have boundaries and feelings”. In addition, there should be increased awareness of different sexual orientations, says SU.

– All pupils should learn about both heterosexual and homosexual intercourse, according to the proposal, which also asks that the lectures is held by “teachers who wants it for  them self.”

Another statement the Central Committee wants enacted, is to to end the Norwegian military contribution in Jordan / Syria and to stop all military aid to countries that continue warfare there.

The remaining statements include requirements on everything from high-speed trains and urban development to racism, Islamophobia and “woman battle against right-wing populism”.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today