Survey: Many teachers believe classes are too big

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Survey: A third of the teachers believe their classes are too big

A total of 33 percent of the teachers who participated in a new survey believe that the classes they teach are so large that it is not educationally sound.


Figures from the Directorate of Education show that the number of  students attending schools are rising, meaning more students are assigned per teacher. While small municipalities lower the average, the big city municipalities bring it up.

Response Analysis conducted the survey for the Education Federation and shows that many teachers experience this as very difficult, writes Dagbladet.

33 percent of teachers believe they are assigned too many students and this makes it hard to teach, it goes out on their education. The number of students to teacher is not educationally sound.

Worst in Oslo

In Oslo, a region where the number of teachers is particularly low, 40 percent say that they are assigned too many students.  Every teacher is responsible for 26 to 28 students, this percentage is perceived as unreasonable by 67 percent.

In addition, 35 percent of the teachers surveyed, believe they teach at a lesser degree of quality due to larger classroom and are not able to provide adaptable education. In Oslo this applies to 40 percent of the survey respondents.

“It is very disturbing that 30-40 percent of the respondents, say they are not able to individually support their pupils education because there are just to many of them in the classroom to educate,” says federal leader Steffen Handal.

He hopes the politicians will be in favor of a national staffing standard.


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