10 telltale signs that you are from Randaberg

10 Telltale signs RandabergTungenes Lighthouse, Photo: visitnorway.com

10 telltale signs that you are from Randaberg

We continue our series on ‘ten telltale signs that you are from…’. Credits to byas.no


Hepp! Randaberg, the village in town. Have you grown up among green pastures and achievements on the sports field? Check it out!

#1. You dig Randaberg IL

Football legends, volleyball, the golf course and all that. Where there are green meadows, grazed knees and enjoyment in sports is found.

Have you ever been wearing the black and white striped shirt dotted with grass smears and local patriotic sweat and blood? Sure you did.

#2. When asked where you’re from, you answer “Stavanger!”

Although Randaberg is an outstanding municipality, Western Norway is a mystery to the outside world. Be offensive and state “I’m from Randaberg, shaddapyourface!” or make a safe “Uh … Stavanger!”?

Your choice, for sure.

#3. You are tired of Easterners saying “RanDAbørg”

Because it is pronounced “RANNABERG” in one syllable! ‘Nuff said.

#4. You have received a thousand million mosquito bites at Hålandsvatnet

You have to suffer for beauty and unless you have not scratched your self half to death after a semi-romantic summer’s night at the lakeside, you have not lived … in Randaberg.

#5.      «Why the Sola Beach when you have the beach at Viste»?

Yes, the local variant rarely disappoints. Perhaps not as tourist-friendly as the counterpart, it’s just as cool to get burned by jellyfish and chat about the sweet life on the Randaberg coast as any other place under the burning rays of the Sun.

Viste Beach

Viste Beach. Photo: Pieter Wijnen / Norway Today media

#6. You are immune to the stench of manure

While urbans clad in tight white underwear wrinkles their nose at the first fragrant sign of spring, a true Randabergian breathes fully through the nose.

To use the local jargon; “It smells like shit, but it’s a bit of a good too …”

#7. You attended the Randaberg High School

Not for agoraphobic reasons, but practical. Ride a light motorcycle all the way to Stavanger city center to school when you can become both a studyspecialist, plumber, electrician and mutant just down the road?

Pure stupidity…

#8. You have ‘burned’ your car tires at Mekjarvik and / or lost the driver license in the Rennfast tunnel

A car is a good thing, and a little ‘børning’ never hurt nobody.

#9. Regardless of the party or other affiliation, you dig Bent Høie

Even a sworn Conservative is a human of flesh and blood. And where does our dear Minister of Health and Care have his biological origins?

Randaberg, baby. (Even though he tends to revert to #2 when asked where he is from)

#10.  You are from Viste Hageby, NOT Kvernevik

The truth to be told. Endrestø is quite close to Kvernevik (The Millstone Cove), therefore a real Randabergian ‘Baune’ is quick to rectify the local affinity. Goa school. Viste Hageby.

Not the ”Cove”. Thank you!

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