Central Norway gets the best weekend weather

weekend weather autumnAutumn. Picture: Pixabay.com

Central Norway gets the best weekend weather

After a week of weird weather phenomena like hurricane strands and smoke from distant forest fires, there is to return to common autumn weather this weekend. It looks the brightest for Central Norway.


A high pressure is about to settle over Central Norway, says Aslaug Skålevik Valved at the Meteorological Institute.

– Central Norway are going to have a lot of nice weather the next few days. There may be some precipitation on Saturday and some clouds on Friday, but otherwise there is a lot of nice weather in store, she says.

Both to the north and the south of this belt conditions are worse and a showers are expected.

– Especially in Agder there is to be quite a lot of rainfall from Friday to Sunday. This will be monitored closely and it is possible that a separate warning will be issued, says the meteorologist.

Unusual phenomena

During the week, Norwegians have noticed a number of special weather phenomena. Hurricane Ophelia has raged over Ireland and at the same time pushed hot air from the south over Norway.

Among other things, the air has brought smoke particles from the forest fires in Portugal and sand particles from the Sahara. Several places reported the scent of smoke on Tuesday.

The tiny particles also explains why the sky was painted red over parts of Norway on Monday and why several Swedes reacted to an unusually dark morning sky on Tuesday.

Snø i nord

In the coming days there is more traditional autumn weather in store.

– The main bulk of the rain over southern Norway comes to Agder, but not only there. It also seems that there is to be more rain in the east than in Western Norway, says the meteorologist.

She says that the low pressure coming in from the south comes with it a lot of wind and precipitation, but not very much strong winds.

– But we’ll surely monitor the situation, says Valved.

Northern Norway can expect rain showers in the next few days and in some places rather cool air.

– There will be some snow in the precipitation, especially in the border areas, at Finnmarksvidda and Eastern parts of Finnmark.

Temperaturfall ved Mannen

In southern Norway, the maximum temperature will be between 10 and 12 degrees centigrade, with a drop towards the weekend in several places, including Oslo. In Oslo, the night temperature can drop to 2 degrees above freezing.

The cold weather is reported for the mountain area “Mannen” in Møre og Romsdal as well, which spells good news for the local residents. On Wednesday morning they were allowed to return to their homes after being evacuated for almost one week.

In recent weeks there have been very big movements in the unstable mountain area “Veslemannen”, but lower temperatures and weather conditions have now slowed the movements down.


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