Climate change is affecting Norwegians’ gardening habits, new survey shows

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A quarter of Norwegians have changed their gardening, balcony, and terrace-related habits as a result of climate change, according to a new survey.

Four out of ten Norwegians say they have biological diversity in mind when they grow plants and flowers, the newspaper Nationen writes, referring to a study commissioned by the garden center chain Plantasjen.

“This year, 38% of respondents state that biological diversity is something they think about, compared to 25% last year,” communications manager Charlotte Gjone in Plantasjen noted. 

She says the annual survey, conducted by HUI Research, shows increasing commitment to sustainability issues.

Sustainability issues

“Six out of ten Norwegians state that they are quite, very, or very well acquainted with sustainability issues. Trying to make conscious and sustainable choices in their consumption in general is important for many people – also when they buy plants and flowers,” Gjone said.

The proportion of those who say they have changed their gardening behavior due to climate change is greatest among those who have children who still live at home. 

Parents are also concerned with teaching their children where food comes from. 63% of parents say they teach children how they can grow food in the garden themselves.

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