Improved regulations for female fishermen

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Improved terms for pregnant female fishermen

The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has implemented rules that will make for improved terms for female fishermen. The regulation allows for female fishermen to take a break from work during the whole pregnancy and for a period of at least two years after giving birth.


– In recent years, the number of female fishermen in Norway has increased, so we can not have rules that prevent women from seeking the most important industry for the future that we possess, says The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Harald T. Nesvik (Progress Party).

The amended rules imply that female fishing boat owners can apply for exemption from the ban on leasing out their vessels, from pregnancy and up to two years after giving birth.

– Female fishermen can now take a longer job break in connection with childbirth, without forfeiting their rights as fishermen. Being a fisherman is a physically challenging job that is difficult to combine with pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it is extra important that the regulations take account of the special occupational challenges female fishermen meet when giving birth, says the Minister of Fisheries.

Stay on the rostrum

The rules also imply that female full-time fishermen will be entitled to remain on leaf B of the fishermen’s rostrum (those who have their main income from fisheries) from the start of pregnancy until the end of the second calendar year after giving birth. This means that affected fishermen will be eligible to resume their trade up to three years after giving birth. For example, if she gives birth in November 2018, she will automatically remain on leaf B until 2020, which is the second calendar year after the birth year. The reasons why we generally follow the calendar year, instead of counting two years from birth, is for practical reasons [to avoid extra red tape].

The ministry also proposes that the Directorate of Fisheries in the autumn’s consultation of the Participant Regulations for 2019 discuss whether similar changes should be implemented for male fishermen on parental leave and for fishermen with sick children.


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