Høie warns against thwarting Gaustad

Gaustad Hospial Psychiatric wardGaustad Hospital is best known for its role as a psychiatric hospital. Plans are made for it to be rebuilt as a regional hospital. Photo: OUS

Høie warns against spanner in the works for Gaustad Hospital

Minister of Health, Bent Høie (Conservatives), says that plans for a Aker Hospital will be dropped if Oslo City Council changes the plans for a regional hospital at Gaustad.

The political parties in Oslo, except for the Conservatives and Labour, have gathered to demand a rematch over Ullevål Hospital. In a joint statement, mentioned by Dagsavisen earlier this week, the smaller parties state that they will vote against a new regulatory plan for  Gaustad Hospital when it is treated by the Oslo City Council this autumn.

Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, tells Dagsavisen on Saturday that he warns against departing from the original plans.

“Oslo Municipality has supported the existing plans at every opportunity. It is Health South-East that relates to Oslo as a regulatory authority. If today’s minority in Oslo should get a majority to put a spanner in the works for construction of new hospitals in Oslo, it is their own inhabitants who will be left with the pointy end of the stick. Then there won’t be a new hospital at Aker either. Thus, no co-location with the Big City Emergency Room,” Høie writes to the newspaper coop Dagsavisen.



Wants to put pressure on the Parliament

The aim of the statement of the political parties is to push the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) to say no to Gaustad as a replacement for Ullevål Hospital when the state budget is treated this autumn.

The statement from the minority alliance is presented to the Oslo City Council. The alliance consists of Red, SV, SP, KrF, FNB, MDG, the Liberals, Frp and the Health Party,

the Board of Health South-East (HSØ) decided to terminate Ullevål Hospital in 2016. HSØ decided to build a large regional hospital at Gaustad, as well as a smaller Aker Hospital, at the same time.

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