Fewer funds for private kindergartens

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Inga wants to tighten funds for private kindergartens

Oslo City Councillor, Inga Marte Thorkildsen (Socialists), wish to tighten the grants to private kindergartens. She rejects that this is an «idiological crusade» from the Socialists (SV).

Thorkildsen believes that private kindergartens receive high grants, which are not in proportion to the expenses, and wish to make them «less lucrative».

Oslo municipality has demanded NOK 4.5 million refunded from six entities that have received grants for the financial years 2014–2016.

City Councillor for Upbringing, Inga Marte Thorkildsen, informs Dagbladet that she wants reductions to subsidies.

The demand comes in the aftermath of that the newspaper wrote that «the municipality reacts to high salaries in private kindergartens and for spending money on weekend trips to major European cities».

Thorkildsen proposes, among other measures, to do something about the «pension supplement». She also wishes to change «lifelong» grants to private kindergartens are part of the grant scheme.

The politician further wants to demand that at least half of the staff have a pre-school teacher or pedagogical education. Plus to put more restrictions on the ability to extract an «unreasonably» large profit.

“We very much want an opportunity to distinguish between commercial and ideal players. There is a difference between a commercial player, with a head office in a tax haven, and an ideal player who is passionate about running a kindergarten,” the City Counsellor tells Dagbladet.

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