Many Norwegians resolve to exercise more in 2017

exerciseExercise.Photo: Pixabay

Nearly one in three people questioned said they plan to exercise more in 2017, while a quarter of us will eat more healthily in the coming year. For many, the trick to success is to lower our sights’, said the Health Directorate.

‘It’s great that many see the new year as an opportunity for creating new habits. But many people raise the bar too high and so risk falling off. Do not go too hard at it!, said Linda Granlund, Division Director within the Directorate of Health.

31% said they’re planning to physically train more often in the New Year, according to a survey Nordstat completed for the Directorate of Health at Christmas.

The Directorate of Health recommended that rather than going all-out from the start, one should find an exercise activity form one can live with throughout the whole year. The same tip applies to those of us whose goal is to lose a few kilos in 2017.

‘The holiday season is not a good time to count calories. But now that we are beginning a new year, one might think a bit about what habits you want to maintain throughout the next year’, said Granlund


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today