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NAV’s ‘Jobblyst’ on Snapchat



Are you young? Do you need help to get in a job? Do you go to school and wonder if you’re going to stop? Let us help you, now NAV’s ‘Jobblyst’ is on Snapchat.

What snapped?

Where can I find jobs?
What should I include in my CV and what should I write in the application?
What do I do if I have gaps in my resume?
How can I use social media in the hunt for a job?
How will I be able to finish school and why should I bear it?
Search up NAV’s Snapchat or take a picture of the QR code on the picture.

Will you follow NAV Jobblyst on Snapchat? Open up Snapchat and capture this photo, or search the NAV Jobblyst.


Source: NAV / Norway Today




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