Western Norway could get to enjoy some sunny weather this weekend

Cross country skiingPhoto: Erik Johansen / NTB

Those who are planning outdoor activities for the weekend should expect no major changes when it comes to the weather. 

The meteorologist’s short and precise message is that the current weather conditions will remain in place into the weekend.

In short, Norwegians will get more of the same all over the country, on-duty meteorologist Marit Bergum told news bureau NTB.


The explanation lies in a stable high pressure that has settled over Russia. 

Over large parts of the country, this has resulted in stable and good weather.

In Southern Norway, it looks like there will be gray weather with precipitation this weekend. Along the coast, precipitation will come as rain, while further inland, it will fall as snow. 

“In Oslo, it may snow this weekend, but we expect low pressure and mild weather into next week,” Bergum said.

Sunny in Western Norway? 

Western Norway enjoys being sheltered from the east wind that characterizes the current weather.

“They will probably have a good chance to experience sunny weather during the weekend, and it looks like there will be little precipitation,” the meteorologist noted.

Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag will also have quite nice weather this weekend.

“Here too, there are good chances for sunny and dry weather. In Trondheim, the temperature will be around zero degrees,” Bergum said.

Northern Norway will experience dry and nice weather towards the weekend.

“This weekend, it will be cloudless in several places but not everywhere. In terms of temperature, we are down to a few degrees below zero,” Bergum concluded.

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