Norwegians are getting more car trouble abroad!

Jens Gravdal If insurance

Many are surprised by local regulations when on the road trip in Europe and also about how common it is to lose a car in Gothenburg.

Road trip is the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want but without preparation you will not always could do it.

– There will be a high number of those who got problem with driving licenses because they probably did not prepare well enough before the trip. Said by Jens Gravdal, foreign manager of the insurance company.

In the period from June to August there have been around 500 inquiries from Norwegians car trouble in Europe.

Pay in advance!

To prepare means, among other things, familiarize yourselves with special rules and schemes in each country such as whether there are local taxes that you should have paid in advance.

– You must pay a toll before driving into Austria. In many German cities they requires special environment sticker, special enviromental registration number named as Umweltplakette. Part of London’s environmental tax areas posted white C on a red background, said by Gravdal.

In Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland drink driving limit is 0.0 while in Norway it is 0.2. In France it is mandatory to have alcohol meter in the car.

Many places in France have reduced speed limits automatically in the rain. In Italy, Spain and France you risk getting your car confiscated if you get speeding ticket and they will not make exception for you there. In Germany you get a considerable fine if the car would run out of fuel or electricity on the highway.

The list of rules and advice is so long that ended as a big list for each country. The rules are constantly changing.

In addition, you should prepare yourself a bit of a different type of traffic.

– Many accidental damage has been caused because the Norwegian drivers are not fully aware of local driving cultures. The Norwegian driving style can be perceived as defensive and baffling many places, especially when you come south in Europe, said by Gravdal.

Important things to know when driving in Germany

Enough oil, fresh brake fluid, good tires and a charged battery are things that should be in place before you want to drive. Gravdal recommend having your car serviced first if it begins to become older and it is long since the last time it’s serviced.

A classic is to drive the car too fast on the highways in Germany.

– There are many garages in and around the city of Kassel in the middle of Germany which has repaired Norwegian cars. Upward slopes in the area are too much for your car after running faster than usual in flat terrain for a long time, said by Gravdal.

On the freeways it is not allowed to stop on the hard shoulder even though oil lamp is lighted up!

Burglary in Gothenburg!

The road to Europe means for many families a stop in Gothenburg which has been unfavorable start to the holiday for many Norwegians.

– Gothenburg is a city with exceptionally many car burglaries. The criminals know that many are on their way through the city from northern Sweden, Finland and Norway. A fully loaded cars with foreign labels are a vulnerable target, said by Gravdal.

In addition to lock your car properly you should be careful to empty the car for luggage if you take into hotels or leaving in a few hours.

Green cards from Insurance companies!

It is wise to book a so-called green card of insurance in time before leaving which is a proof that you are running the car which is insured. Usually it can be easily done via the website of the insurance company.

– We know of several Norwegian drivers who have received fines because they could not prove that the vehicle has a valid insurance, said by Gravdal.

The insurance policy covers primarily illness, theft and lost baggage. By having the full insurance you are assured for receiving the rental car for 14 days if your car breaks down. If you are insured with full insurance make sure that regular roadside support conditions are applicable.

– With full insurance coverage you are entitled to get home if the vehicle is not repaired within three working days. Sometimes we cover staying in hotel if it is less expensive than transport back home, said by Jens Gravdal insurance company.


Source: / Norway Today