Oslo youth have sex later than in the rest of the country

Man and woman in bedMan and woman in bed.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Youth in Oslo wait longer than youth in the rest of the country to have sex, shows a new survey.


The survey “Young in Oslo” reveals that 43% of young people at high school in Oslo have had sexual intercourse,mostly when they are between 16 and 17 years, NRK news reported.

In the rest of the country, more girls than boys in upper secondary school have had intercourse. In Oslo,the opposite is true.

40% of the girls in Oslo say they have had sex, while the national figure is 59%. Among the boys in Oslo, 46% said ‘yes’, while the national figure is 54% throughout Norway.

“One of the reasons for this is that there are far more young people with an immigrant background in Oslo, and they start later. Both boys and girls, but especially girls,’’ said researcher,Anders Bakken at NOVA, who is behind the survey.

There are also big differences inside Oslo. In the Alna district,only 24% of the girls and 36% of the boys answered that they have had intercourse. At Frogner, 56% of both sexes answered ‘yes’.

25,000 youth aged between 13 and 19 at 84 schools in the capital had responded to the survey.


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